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childcare centre Lyon : Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond

1 Rue Bonnefond
69003 Lyon
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  • Horaires d'ouverture de la crèche Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond
    Opening time
    monday to friday, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Crèche Bio
    Organic Food
    centre offering organic food
  • Age d'accueil de la crèche Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond
    From 10 weeks to 3 years
  • Fermetures annuelles de la crèche Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond
    Annual closures
    three weeks in august, one week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and two days for pedagogical day.
  • Capacité de la crèche Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond
    10 berceaux

the centre

Located on rue Bonnefond in Lyon, Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond day-care centre offers three types of care: on-going, occasional, and urgent. Every day, our team of early-childhood expert professionals welcomes 10 children ages 10 weeks to 3 years in a friendly and safe environment that is adapted to the needs of little ones. Children are divided into sections by age and enjoy activities that are adapted to their psychomotor development.

A day-care in Lyon near Grange Blanche

 ​​​​​​Introduction to English and foreign languages

At Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond, the French-English bilingual team speaks to the children every day in English. Professionals who speak other languages host short sessions in their mother tongue. Every day, there are activities which seek to expose your child to the diversity of world languages.

All pedagogical materials and parent-relations tools are in English and French. Parents may, if they wish, follow the centre’s day-to-day life entirely in English.

Pedagogical mission

At Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond, nature is a familiar playing field: gardening, green wall, recycling workshops, handling natural materials, becoming aware of living... are all part of day-to-day life. Reading time, activities designed to spur the imagination, discovering foreign languages, learning sign language, are planned every day. Moreover, our soothing environment offers little ones moments of relaxation and expression of their emotions.


A dietician carefully plans meals at Cocon d'Éveil Bonnefond day-care centre. Each day, children eat at least 50% organic seasonal products, as well as local food (fewer than 200 km from the centre). Meats are all from France. The meals are guaranteed to be GMO free.

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